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Prior to beginning the processing of your custom item(s), you must read all the information below which outlines the terms and conditions.  Once you have done so, the process of your item(s) will commence.  At that time, you will forward me an e-mail which acknowledges that you have read all the information on this page.  Within that e-mail, you will attach a file with your logo, which must be in the format of a JPEG, PNG or PDF.  The e-mail should also indicate the background color, added text any changes, additions or removal of something that pertains to your custom item(s).  Please include size, which item(s) and how many grommets. Keep in mind that you can request colors, fonts, text, etc, however, you must provide some input as to this information so that we can work together to create what you would like your item(s) to look like.  There are numerous variations in choices of colors, fonts, etc. and at that point we will email you a proof of your item{s} for your inspection or approval. We accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.


Typically, it takes on average 14-21 business days after design approval and payment by the customer. Keep in mind that these are average times and that we are still at the mercy of turn-times by postal services, our own back log, holidays, weekends, the possibility of bad weather and design process itself. Typically, you will receive your custom merchandise faster than times quoted.


Banners are single sided, flags are double sided, banners/flags are made for backdrop, flagpole and/or store front displays, if you are a truck/car/boat/motorcycle etc…..owner and your intention is to fly from the back of the vehicle, banners/flags will not withstand high winds. If you plan to do so anyway, you do so at your own risk.


Prior to beginning production of your purchased item(s), a proof will be sent for a thorough review of all information on the item(s) including but not limited to desired text, color, etc.  Once you have authorized and given final approvement of the item(s), no changes can be submitted or requested as after payment has been rendered since the production process will have already commenced.  No refunds or replacements will be given since it is a custom item(s) which was approved by the customer.  Once you receive your merchandise, you must open and thoroughly examine the product for any defects or issues perceived by the customer.  If we have not heard from you within three days, no refund or replacement will be given.  Should there be any defects or issue(s) with the item, it will be addressed by us as to how to rectify this, dependent on the circumstances and must be an issue that was not in the approval of the proof, i.e. a missing grommet, a rip or tear, etc.  If you do not understand these terms and conditions, please address them with me prior to payment or approval.   


We keep our prices affordable by designing the item(s) here then outsourcing overseas, there by passing the savings on to you. All banners, flags, table covers, canopy edge(s) are made of 100% indoor/outdoor polyester.   


Machine wash gentle cycle, and dry on a low setting with a damp towel. Checking every 5 minutes until dry.

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